Located in Corte Madera, Marin County, California · For info, please call (415)924-0222 or EMAIL

Q: What is the size of your school?
A: Our school is like the smallest bed in Goldilocks —it’s just right. Being small allows us to provide one on one attention. For activities we form small groups according to each child’s age development. We respect each child’s development and help them to develop lifelong skills. We are licensed by the state for 12-14 children per day dependent on their ages.

Q: What is your school like?
A: We are a home-based preschool licensed by the State. We have a happy and bright space with a large outdoor area—a fun setting to explore. and learn!

Q: What types of foods are served?
A: We serve nutritious meals for lunch and breakfast. We serve milk and water, no juice. We provide organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible and believe that good nutritious meals lead to lifelong healthy eating habits.

Q: Do you have naptime?
A: For naptime the child can take a nap or just rest and enjoy quiet time. We believe this downtime is important for small children and even if they don't sleep, it's important they have this break in their day.

Q: Do you take the children off-site?
A: Yes, as much as we can. We go for walks to the local library, Farmers Market and Pet Store or just around the neighborhood but always safely and with parent's permission. We also do Field Trips on weekends with parents.

Q: What do I need to bring for my child?
A: One complete set of clothing, sunscreen, ointment cream and diapers or pull-ups if need and a snack of your choice. We gladly welcome donations of gently used or new books, tissue, or other supplies we use day to day.

Q: What about your illness policy?
A: This is something we take seriously and urge our families to as well. We ask our families to please keep sick children home to prevent the spread of illnesses. In the case of something like a mild cold our staff will still work, making sure we wash our hands and take the right precautions. If our staff gets very sick, we will have a substitute. We help the children to wash their hands before meals. We clean our toys and equipment daily with a water based solution and we make sure we have fresh air rather than stuffy, closed up rooms.

Q; What is the discipline policy?
Our method is to use redirection and positive discipline. Once we get to know the child we try to predict situations and deal with them individually. We help the child to find a solution and give them options on how to solve a problem. Sometimes the child will need to regroup. In that case, we will remove the child from the situation until she/he is ready to come back on her/his own. If the child continues to misbehave we will work together with the parents for the best solution. If the safety and well being of the other children and or staff becomes a concern the child may be removed from the program.

Q: How do I help my child transition to school?
A: Often the transition from home and family to school is a difficult one for children because the two environments are so different. We create a warm environment that supports and help children with this big adjustment. Upon arriving the child will be greeted with a warm hello and given the option of doing a puzzle, reading a book or just playing. It is helpful if parents create a separation and reunion ritual and establish a predictable way to separate and reunite with their child. For example coming in to the room, talk a minute with your child’s teacher, and assist your child in putting his or her things away. Next, help your child to begin to settle in by offering a toy to play with or a book to read. When it comes time to leave, tell the teacher and kiss and hug your child, say goodbye and that you will be back, and leave. It can be very hard to leave a crying child and we will do everything we can to help the child get to that place where they happily wave good-bye and run off to play and enjoy their time with their new friends.

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